What Aviones Is
Aviones is a UAV Flight Simulator. It is developed by the Brigham Young University Human Centered Machine Intelligence (HCMI) and Multiple Agent Intelligent Coordination & Control (MAGICC) labs. It is used for testing auto-pilot code and performing human-factors experiments.

What Aviones Is Not
Aviones is not a game. Someone could probably make a game using it, and feel free to do so, but has been designed as a research tool. As such, it has a lot of quirks and a lot of pieces that have no reason to exist outside of a research setting. Since it is open source (GNU GPL) you may do whatever you like to it as you need.

How To Get Aviones
Source Code
The source is available via CVS on Sourceforge.net. For instructions, see the Sourceforge CVS Tutorial. The UNIX project name for Aviones is 'aviones'.
Win32 Executable Release
The current Win32 Executable Release can be found on the Download Page.

File Formats
HCMI Target File:

MAGICC Target File

HCMI Tree Model File

Why don't I get fancy autopilot code with Aviones?
The autopilot code is under a licensing agreement with a local company and cannot be distributed outside of that agreement.